TRACMA was created in 1953 in the suburbs of Paris. It was the begining of Commercial Jets in Europe and the airlines had a need for specific tractors to replace farm ones to tow their GPU and baggage trailers.

In 1960, TRACMA moved to Montlouis-sur-Loire, near TOURS in the Loire Valley and built a new factory that is still used by TRACMA today.

Since its creation, TRACMA has built more than 15,000 tractors that are used in more than 100 countries around the world and TRACMA has become a reference name for baggage tractors in all french speaking countries.

In the 80's, TRACMA and AIR FRANCE were the first to invent Towbarless Tractors.

After the second half of the 80's that had not been the most its most dynamic period, TRACMA was finally purchased by TLD in 1990.

With TLD, TRACMA started to redevelop a complete line of tractors, baggages tractors (diesel, gas and electric), conventional aircraft tractors and also its second generation of Towbarless tractors.

Today, TRACMA is  clearly a leading company in the Aircraft Towbarless Tractors market through out the world.